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Spa, Longevity, and Massage

There are moments when we all can benefit from some very special attention.

Whether our tissues are holding some core tensions, or we’d like some sound advice on our nutrition, wish to transform a painful relationship issue, or are simply in the mood to be pampered with a tropical body polish or a luscious facial treatment… all Blue Spirit Costa Rica bodyworkers, therapists, and counselors are highly qualified, excel in what they do, and enjoy being of service.

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For your optimal mind-body-spirit alignment and nourishment, we offer a wide array of spa, bodywork & longevity services:

Choose from a variety of massage and therapeutic services at Blue Spirit:

    Ayurvedic Body and Skin Care Treatments and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling (Consultation)
    Biodynamic Craniosacral
    Body Scrubs
    Chi Nei Tsang Therapy
    Classic Chinese/Japanese Combination (C.C.C.)
    Craniosacral Balancing
    Cupping and Tok Sen Therapy
    Deep Tissue Massage
    Energy Balancing
    Foot Reflexology
    Health Coaching
    Holistic Massage
    Hot Stone Massage
    Inner-Depth Counseling
    Shamanic Energy Medicine
    Sound Healing
    Swedish-Esalen Massage
    Tarot and Astrology Readings
    Tui-na: Deep Tissue Massage from China
    and more!

    All Spa & Longevity services can be booked after check in at the front desk, comfortably charged to the room folio and paid for when you check out.

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