WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering: Sacred Earth Activism

with WidsomWomen

May 13-20, 2017

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We are calling on women from North, South and Central America to unite our privilege, indigenous wisdom and power in service to a world where all beings thrive. Together we will commune with the exquisite natural world, and allow the Earth to be our ultimate teacher and guide.

While we will enjoy and nurture ourselves in the beautiful and lush setting of the Blue Spirit Retreat Center, the intention of this gathering is not just about having a luxurious time in Costa Rica. We intend to ignite and awaken a deep, sacred feminine activism that we believe is necessary at this time.

We are inviting local, indigenous women to co-create, guide, lead and participate in our gathering. We hope to create a bridge and stand arm-in-arm, while committing to our roles as Guardians of the natural world and children. We do not come with solutions, but rather a willingness to listen and learn together.

During our gathering, we will sacredly co-create with one another by:

- Participating in daily ceremony and ritual (i.e., Fire Ritual, Prayer Bundle, Ancestral Healing)

 - Nurturing our souls and bodies through movement, meditation, and relaxation

 - Rekindling our connection to the Earth and honoring the cycles of the Earth and our bodies

 - Naming and grieving how the loss of feminine wisdom has impacted our world

 - Honoring different faces of the Goddess through grief, compassion, sacred rage, love, birthing

 - Allowing our love of Earth to re-awaken our unique roles in pioneering a new reality

WisdomWomen conveners listen for the unique theme and structure for each of our Visionary Gatherings. Our convening team uses information gathered from applications to co-create the gathering with the wisdom of the women in attendance. Once we gather, we surrender to the emergent field that guides our time together.

This gathering is a gateway experience for continued radical co-creation as a community. WisdomWomen provides opportunities for attendees to connect before and beyond the gathering. Our ongoing Visionary Council on Women & the Earth, as well as our support network and other offerings, will nurture the possibilities we birth together.

Application Process

WisdomWomen will be inviting women into this gathering through an application process to ensure a diverse and co-creative gathering. Click this link to fill out your application.  Your application will be reviewed within 30 days or less of submission. Once you have been accepted, you will receive confirmation and instructions for registration.

We have discounted rates for Latin American women citizens as well as commuter rates available. Please contactsupport@wisdomwomen.community for more information or indicate your need for these rates within your application.

Hablas español? Puedes accesar nuesro website en español para ver la información sobre el retiro.

Teacher Bio

Brenda Salgado is a first generation Nicaraguan-American, whose indigenous and cultural values have led her to spiritual, social justice and nonprofit work. She holds deep experience and expertise in community healing and alliance building and is committed to the role of culture and ceremony in creating a society filled with wholeness and beauty. Brenda has over 15 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and management, facilitation, movement building, strategy and consulting in the areas of environmental health and justice, women’s health and health equity. She is also trained to work with indigenous traditional medicines and offers healings, rituals, and ceremonial blessings. Brenda is a steward of WisdomWomen’s ‘Communal Spaces’ Visionary Council.

Julie Daley is an educator writer, consultant and leadership coach who has led hundreds of people from all walks of life to awaken the soul–the source of true creative expression within. Julie guides individuals from around the world in discovering and uncovering their true nature as creative human beings. She speaks about and offers one-on-one coaching, courses and consulting in creativity and innovation, compassion and vulnerability and authentic feminine leadership. She has worked with corporations on Creativity in Business and teaches Creativity and Leadership at Stanford University Continuing Studies. Julie believes we each have a blessing to give, and as women, a deeply instinctive, creative force that emits power beyond measure. You can read some of her recent writing about life and grief on her blog, Unabashedly Female. Julie is a steward of WisdomWomen’s ‘Women & the Earth’ Visionary Council.

As a counselor, Shamanic healer, and co-founder of Blue Spirit, Annette Knopp has made it her calling to evoke and nourish Sacred Sisterhood. She loves when women support each other in the awakening to their innate potential, honor their feminine medicine, and increasingly contribute their gifts for the benefit of all sentient beings. Annette considers women to be the biggest untapped resource on the planet – and that the global disconnect from the feminine principle has been a contributing factor to the geo-political, educational, environmental, mental-emotional, and spiritual imbalances that we are facing today. For her, nature and the body – as the field of awakened intelligence itself – play a pivotal role, in how effectively we are able to recognize and implement the necessary shifts that lead to personal and global balance.

Michelle Stransky, Founder of WisdomWomen, believes that it is time for women to bring their deep wisdom forward into co-creating the life-affirming world we know is possible. Michelle was the conference director at Wisdom 2.0, where she launched WisdomWomen in 2013. A former management consultant and executive coach, she is now committed to using her gifts and skills to bring the vision of a new paradigm into form. Michelle is a convener, producer and collaborator. One of her greatest joys is in being a connector and so it is a great honor for her to be a weaver of the WisdomWomen web. She is also a steward on WisdomWomen’s Visionary Organizations Council.

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