The Nature Within: Shamanism, Meditation and Yoga Retreat

with Taita Juan, Eli Rechtschaffen and Juan David

May 13-20, 2017

Return to your natural state of peace and stillness within. Guided by an international team that includes a shaman, healer, yoga teacher and musician. Through daily meditation and yoga classes, shamanic ceremonies, and self-exploration exercises the retreat offers a safe and sacred container for inner healing, empowerment and integration.

Along with this transformative intention the week will include time for excursions in the magical lands of Costa Rica, swimming in the ocean, bodywork and space for non-doing. We hope you can join us to reconnect with your Nature Within so that you can live your life from a deeper place of purpose, clarity and love.

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Teacher Bio

Taita Juan was recognized as a taita “respected shaman” and leader by the elders and healers of his indigenous community at the age of fifteen in jungles of Putumayo, an Amazonian region on the border of Colombia and Ecuador. Born into a lineage of traditional healers, he was trained from an early age to serve sacred plant medicine ceremonies and was taught how to help people heal on the deepest levels – He often says that when one can transform pain into love, that is when healing truly happens Taita Juan helps people to re-establish their connection with true self, the great spirit and mother nature - In the Shamanic traditions it is seen that this disconnect is what is at the source of all illnesses, emotional blockages and suffering. Eli has been working with Juanito for the past three years and has been profoundly impacted by the depths of Taita Juan’s healing and as well the openness of his heart, ability to make everyone feel at home in his presence and his dedication to stay with his lineage’s traditional ways of healing.

This retreat is facilitated by Eli Rechtschaffen – Since a young age Eli has been drawn to self-exploration and has felt a strong connection with the spirits of Nature – This connection led him to explore the world of Shamanism and to intensively study with indigenous people in South America – He has intensively studied with indigenous tribes in the jungles of Colombia – And has as well initiated into the shamanic lineage of the Peruvian Andes whereby he became a full mesa carrier Eli has been teaching Yoga for 6 years and has a personal Shamanic Healing Practice. These years Eli splits his time between Colombia – Where he leads retreats with people from all around the world, who come to work with traditional indigenous healers – And in Costa Rica – Where he has a personal Shamanic Healing practice, teaches Yoga and works in management at Blue Spirit Retreat Center.

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