Weaving the Tapestry of Life: A Tantric Yoga & Meditation Retreat

with Tai Hubbert

April 22-29, 2017

For those seeking deeper fulfillment, simplicity, and joy in their lives, this Tantric yoga & meditation retreat offers the perfect opportunity to immerse in a rich experience of Being and self-discovery. Tantra means “to weave” and the tantric tradition is one of ENGAGEMENT. It is a practice of turning towards life, orienting from the perspective that our very essence is of perfection. The practice of yoga helps dissolve that which obscures our true nature, creating more capacity to embody our highest potential as Spirit in action. From a tantric orientation, the spiritual experience is woven into the fabric of everyday life. It is not something we just do on the yoga mat or meditation cushion, but a living, moment-to-moment practice. The barriers between “spiritual” and “material” are dissolved, resulting in a rich tapestry of life experience that is imbued with vitality, abundance, possibility, prosperity, creativity, and love. This retreat includes daily yoga asana (mindful vinyasa), meditation (seated, guided, yoga nidra), ceremony (transformational breathwork & fire ceremony), and free time to soak up the prana of the land! As a teacher, Tai enjoys weaving in yogic philosophy, mantra/chanting, and pranayama to offer holistic retreat experiences of deepening, integration, and awakening.

Teacher Bio

Tai is a gifted teacher and guide on the path of awakening and self-realization. She is known for her strength of presence and ability to hold a safe and sacred container in which individuals can release old limitations and awaken into their highest wisdom and embodiment of spirit in action. She offers a rare balance of power and grace, and as a teacher, is appreciated for her authenticity, clarity, and ability to tenderly hold the human experience while honoring that which is beyond it. As an experienced yoga teacher, Tai supports all students meet their growing edge and offers a rare integration of articulate alignment-based cueing, creative sequencing, and accessible translation of subtle body anatomy and the more esoteric teachings. Tai is based in Seattle, and offers workshops, ceremonies, and retreats around the world.

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