Rites and Initiations

with Peter Bonaker, Ph. D.

May 27-June 3, 2017

Learn the passages that mark puberty, womanhood, manhood, and our sage years. Explore the great initiations of shamanism. Journey through the Medicine Wheel as you revisit each transmission of energy in the classic form. Let the language of the Laika flow through you, inform you and guide your way as you experience anew the truth within each ritual. In the master’s class Rites and Initiation you will deepen your understanding of this path of energy and enlightenment. 

Requirements: South, or 300-hour program

Teacher Bio

Peter Bonaker received his Ph.D. in the field of education from the University of Denver in Colorado where he is currently an adjunct professor. In 2009 Peter founded the Institute for Spiritual Advancement in Denver where he is an energy medicine practitioner with clients from around the world and is the Institute’s Program Director.

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