Advanced Walking with Protection

with Peter Bonaker, Ph. D., Four Winds Senior Faculty

May 27-June 3, 2017

This advanced class is designed for active prcticioners and persons seeking to refine their skills in soul and destiny retrieval, in advanced techniques for cutting cords and psychic entanglements with others, and in setting people free from thei history by creating new and more original sotries for themselves. Building upon the skills you bring, we will practice surrogate death rites to enhance your proficiency in assisting the dying, and those who are caught between the worlds. This is a hands-on and let's get on to te juicy-work class, in response to the need to work at the deepest level with ourselves and with our clients.

Requirements> WWP or 300-hour program part 1

Teacher Bio

Peter Bonaker received his Ph.D. in the field of education from the University of Denver in Colorado where he is currently an adjunct professor. In 2009 Peter founded the Institute for Spiritual Advancement in Denver where he is an energy medicine practitioner with clients from around the world and is the Institute’s Program Director.

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