Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle

with Brenda Dowell, E-RYT 1000

December 16 -23, 2017

Many people believe they can release their psoas through manual manipulation, however healing dysfunction or trauma stored in this vital muscle requires specific restorative techniques practiced repetitively. It requires an 'un-doing' rather than a doing! An instinctual muscle, the psoas is the primary messenger of the central nervous system, impacting every aspect of well-being including low back, neck, hips, joints, breathing, walking, overall hormones and adrenal functioning.  

Immerse yourself in cumulative restoration, simple movement inquires, gentle core restoration experiences, and community connection. Give yourself the time and space away from everyday responsibilities to dedicate yourself to renewing your core vitality. Revolutionize your idea of what a healthy core really is and your body will be forever grateful!

No yoga experience is necessary to attend this retreat.

Teacher Bio

Brenda Dowell is a registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist & Licensed Holistic Practitioner. She is core faculty and Anatomy Instructor at DevaTree School of Yoga, and Program Director of the Cross-DisciplinaryTM Integrative Anatomy and Therapeutics training. Brenda has an impressive background of studies in many forms of yoga including Anusara. Her focus is on anatomy, meditation, bodywork & other spiritual practices from many perspectives.

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